About Us



Welcome to Metro Welder Services; your one-stop-shop for all your welder repairs and welding equipment needs.


Metro Welder Services Pty Ltd are welder repair specialists; be it repairs to your plasma cutter, stick welder, MIG welder or TIG welder, Metro has it covered.


With a fleet of mobile technicians servicing the greater Brisbane region daily, on-site welder repairs are carried out promptly and professionally. If you have need for a welder repair technician and you live in the Sunshine Coast, Metro Welder Services has a branch now open at Kunda Park.


If it’s welding equipment you require, Metro Welder Services carries an extensive range of consumables, spare parts, as well as new welders. Feel free to call and ask our friendly staff about our preventative maintenance schedule and keep your welders running at their optimum level.


Metro Welder Services are licensed distributors and warranty repair agents for all major brands of welding equipment, including Lorch, Miller, Cigweld, Lincoln, Unimig, Kemppi, ESAB, and more.


With over 25 years’ experience in welder repairs, plasma cutter repairs, repairs to welding equipment, coupled with an extensive range of new top-of-the-line welders, consumables and accessories, Metro Welder Service is your one-stop-shop for all your welding needs. 



Our team of technicians are second to none when it comes to welder repairs. Whether your welder is as old as the hills or a recent release our technicians have the training needed to make your welder work for you. Ongoing training programs, an extensive resource base, and the ability to source parts that would otherwise be unobtainable serve to back our already skilled technicians. If price is an issue, ask our friendly staff to quote on all repairs. Metro Welder Services are warranty repair agents for all leading brands of welding equipment.


Onsite Repairs: If you can’t get your welder into our workshop, allow our technicians to come to you. Our fleet of mobile technicians regularly service the greater metro area, and most onsite repairs are carried out within 24hrs of the initial booking.

Maintenance: Regular service and maintenance prevents welder down time and ensures compliance to Australian Standards. If your welders are the lifeblood of your company, ask our staff about scheduling our performance plus maintenance program.


Metro Welder Services are not only the experts when it comes to welder repairs, our technical staff are also experts in welding application. If you’re after a new machine why not talk to our friendly staff, who will make sure you’ll get the welder that is right for your needs. Remember Metro Welder Services are the authorised warranty repair agents for all machines stocked or sold. 


Metro Welder Service knows how much you rely on your equipment's performance. With this in mind, we have combined over 20 years of welder repair experience in formulating our Performance Plus Maintenance Program, designed to increase productivity, reliability, and output quality. This program is already being utilized by our Brisbane City Council, Queensland TAFE Colleges, and local High Schools. We proudly service many of the industry's leading engineering and fabricating companies across Brisbane to give them the reliability and quality they need out of their welding equipment.

"Our competitive rates and program flexibility make our industry leading service more obtainable than ever!"