Maintenance & Calibration

Metro Welder Service knows how much you rely on your equipment's performance. With this in mind Metro Welder Services has combined over 20 years of welder repair experience in formulating their Performance Plus Maintenance Program, designed to increase productivity, reliability and output quality. This program is already being utilized by our Brisbane City Council, Queensland TAFE Colleges, and local High Schools. We proudly service many of the industry's leading engineering and fabricating company’s across Brisbane to give them the reliability and quality they need out of their welding equipment.

"Our competitive rates and program flexibility make our industry leading service more obtainable than ever!"

The benefits of this program include; 

  • Increased Productivity: By ensuring that your machine is running at its optimal efficiency, performance output is greatly increased.

  • Improved Reliability: The Performance Plus Maintenance Program includes thoroughly testing all aspects of the welders operation. This means that any failing component or aspect of the machine will be noted, and a written report will be supplied detailing the steps required to rectify the problem before it causes downtime.

  • Quality Welding: Industry standards are always on the rise, and to successfully compete in today’s bustling market, quality must be guaranteed. By ensuring your machines are running at their optimal, you are ensuring that your production quality is at its peak.

  • Warranty Ensured: Regular maintenance to your welder ensures that it’s factory warranty will be kept valid.

  • Standards and Compliance Assured: Annual inclusion of the Performance Plus Maintenance Program means that your company complies with Australian Standards act AS 1674.2-2007, as well as meets the requirements of Regulation 150 of Safe Work Australia -Welding Processes Code of Practice.

  • Documentation Support: Metro Welder Services will provide full documentation, in a secure online account. This easy to use system will allow you to access all maintenance reports, current and previous, as well as any supporting documentation, requested machine manuals and reference forms.

The Performance Plus Maintenance Program offers tailored solutions to suit your business needs. Each service takes approximately one hour to complete per machine. This can be scheduled either monthly, quarterly bi-yearly or yearly. Our technicians are trained to provide both careful and personal attention to the needs of each customer. Being both skilled and adept our technicians are capable of troubleshooting and fixing any problem they may encounter. On-going training programs ensure up-to-date knowledge of all welding equipment. 

"Be assured that when you use a Performance Plus technician you are using the best!"

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