Guide 3572 Premium Welding Gloves - 'The Red Back'

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Pair of Guide 3572 ‘Red Back’ professional welding gloves (part number G3572).

Field trials were unanimous, a new industry leader has arrived! GAME CHANGING GUIDE 3572 raises the bar in professional welding gloves. Lined with Kevlar, glass fibre, and high-performance polyethylene (HPPE), the GUIDE 3572 achieves the highest cut protection level possible (Cut F).

The GUIDE 3572 combines soft goat skin leather on the palm, normally reserved for the dexterity demands of TIG welding, with precisely placed cow split leather reinforcements and padding to deliver extreme heat protection. GUIDE 3572 combines the highest possible cut protection with unrivalled comfort, dexterity, and fit. Put the GUIDE 3572 up against any professional welding glove on the market to experience the next ‘welding glove of choice’ for professional welders.

Features & Specifications

  • Legendary Guide fit
  • Cut protection level F
  • Lined with Kevlar, glass fibre & HPPE
  • Precise reinforcements and padding
  • Kevlar seams

Try out these game-changing Guide welding gloves today!