Promax 650 Matte Black Welding Helmet

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Protection meets perfection: For those who take a bit more pride in their work, there's the PROMAX 650. A new generation helmet from Weldclass, incorporating a leading 7-year warranty offer, Advanced digital controls, Super-size 89cm2 'Landscape' view, Ultra-crisp V1 (1/1/1/1) rated optics, External grind mode push-button, Memory function, Cut mode, Gradient mode, Wrap-a-round headgear and more! Plus the comfort, reliability and great value that Weldclass helmets have delivered for decades.

Features and Specifications

7-year Warranty*
> Super-Size 89cm2 viewing area
> 'Landscape' 108mm wide x 82mm high window/screen format for wider & more natural field of view
> Ultra-Crisp V1 (1/1/1/1) rated optics with enhanced colour recognition
> Advanced digital controls with memory, cut mode, gradient & other functions
> External grind button for instant & easy switching between welding & grind modes without removing or lifting helmet
> Super-comfortable, wrap-a-round headgear with moulded rear pressure pad
> Light weight (580g), up to 15% lighter than other digital wide-view helmets

> MIG welding
> Stick welding
> TIG welding down to 5 amps
> Grinding
> Plasma Cutting
> Oxy Cutting, Brazing, Heating
> Gouging

> Welding mode: Variable shade 4-8 / 9-13
> Grind mode: Locks lens to light mode (shade 3), switch on/off via external button or internal controls
> Cut Mode: Switches off auto-darkening function & locks lens to a selected shade level (4-8), ideal for oxy cutting & similiar processes
> Memory: Save up to 10 favourite settings (recalls shade, sensitivity & delay settings)
> Delay: Adjustable 0.1-1.0s (switching time from dark back to light after welding arc stops)
> Gradient Mode: Gradual return (slope down) from dark to light, mirrors cooling of the weld pool to reduce eye strain
> Sensitivity: Adjustable 0-9 settings

> High-Impact tested and rated to Australian standard AS1337.1
> Auto-darkening lens complies with AS1338.1
> Easy cover lens replacement
> Magnification lens holder - takes standard magnification lenses
> Reliable Power Source: Replaceable battery plus solar assist, efficient electronics for low power consumption
> Full-Laminate Lens Construction: Each layer in the electronic lens assembly is firmly laminated for superior optical quality and long service life. This is in contrast to cheaper lenses which are simply glued on the edge and, over time, are prone to contamination and failure.
> Lightweight, Durable and Shock Resistant shell
> Weight: 580g
> Auto-on & Auto-off = No buttons to press, Hassle-Free operation